Stefan Zweig suicide

August 31, 2022
Bodies of exiled Austrian

Stefan Zweig had written hundreds of thousands of terms in a celebrated literary job. His suicide note, penned 70 years back Wednesday during the height of WWII, used lower than one web page. (photo credit: thanks to the National Library of Israel)

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a committing suicide note in nice handwriting, kept in a plastic sheath at Israel’s nationwide collection, recalls the life span of a writer who, after watching the European tradition he worshiped devour it self in World War II, killed himself in exile exactly 70 years back Wednesday.

The note was written by Stefan Zweig, well-known for his novels, performs and poems and remembered as one of the twentieth century’s great men of letters.

An Austrian and a Jew whom saw himself most importantly as a resident of Europe, Zweig started their career given that protégé of a journalist and playwright named Theodor Herzl, whoever writing Zweig admired but whoever governmental some ideas about Jewish statehood he discovered unrealistic and backwards. Judaism, he once penned toward philosopher Martin Buber, had taught him that he might be in the home everywhere.

By February 22, 1942, Zweig was in the Brazilian city of Petropolis, inside mountains outside Rio de Janeiro. Obligated to flee the growing ferocity regarding the nationalist sentiments he detested, he unearthed that he had been home no place. Various other Jews who'd enjoyed the German language and culture were already gone. Annually and a half before, Walter Benjamin had killed himself with a morphine overdose while he tried to flee across the edge between France and Spain.

Zweig left his residence in Salzburg for Britain, then the united states of america, last but not least Brazil, where he and his wife, Lotte, contemplated their particular exile and also the lack of an Europe he called, in subject of a memoir that is possibly his best-known work, “The realm of Yesterday.

“Zweig stood for the best standard values — humanism, serenity, the togetherness of humanity. He had been above nationalism, ” said Stefan Litt, an archivist and scholar at nationwide Library of Israel that has examined Zweig’s documents. “he had been ahead of his time by a number of years in phoning for a united Europe.”

“The loss in their cultural world is really what broke him, together with undeniable fact that he performedn’t know when their exile would end, if ever, ” Litt said.

Once he reached Brazil, part of his archive had been in Jerusalem. In 1934, before making Austria as nationwide Socialism began its rise, Zweig — in a silly move for a guy that has evinced no sympathy for Zionism — sent a few of his documents towards the Zionist motion’s brand-new National Library. Included in this had been a tender 1903 note from Herzl providing the younger copywriter guidance and counseling him, apropos of a continuing discussion the 2 seem to have been carrying on, never to “act with too much pride facing beautiful ladies.” In page he penned to Jerusalem accompanying these papers, Zweig confided their belief that it was essential for them become kept in “our” library.

“i've been vitally enthusiastic about Jewish problems all my entire life, ” he as soon as blogged, “vitally aware of the Jewish blood that is in me personally since I have been conscious of it.”

That night in February 1942, Zweig played chess with a neighbor. He then went home. He had written a draft of a note, changed it, after that copied it onto another page, scratching out a few words. He then poisoned himself. Lotte performed too.

Zweig had written and posted thousands of words. Their final people occupied lower than one page.

Declaracao, ” began the note, “Declaration, ” — your message helpfully printed in Portuguese to alert the Brazilian police to its nature. Then he switched to German, which forced the neighborhood officials to call-in a German-Jewish physician to translate. The doctor in the course of time obtained the note from the police and donated it into the nationwide Library in Jerusalem in 1991.

Zweig ended up being using his life “of my very own might plus obvious brain, ” he typed. He thanked Brazil for its hospitality.

“Every day we discovered to love this nation more, and I also would not have asked to rebuild my entire life in every other spot after the realm of my own language sank and had been lost for me and my religious homeland, Europe, ruined it self, ” he composed.

“But to begin every little thing anew after a man’s 60th 12 months calls for unique capabilities, and my personal energy is expended after years of wandering homeless. I thus prefer to end my entire life within right time, upright, as a guy for whom social work has been his purest joy and personal freedom — the most valuable of belongings with this planet.

“we deliver greetings to all the of my buddies: May they reside to begin to see the dawn next lengthy evening. We, which have always been many impatient, go before all of them.

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