Stefan Zweig quotes

June 22, 2021
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“Shaken to the depths of one's heart, you realize that almost all the time some one is waiting for you, considering you, longing and sighing for you - a lady, a stranger. She wants, she demands, she needs every fiber of the woman being, with her human body, along with her bloodstream. She desires the hands, the hair, your mouth, your evening as well as your day, your feelings, your senses, and all sorts of your thought and desires. She desires to share every thing with you, to simply take everything from you, and also to draw it in with her air. Henceforth, day and night, whether you're awake or asleep, there is certainly someplace in the planet a being who's feverish and wakeful and whom waits for you personally, and you are clearly the center of her waking along with her dreaming. It really is in vain which you try not to consider this lady, of her which thinks constantly of you, in vain that you look for to flee, for your needs not dwell in your self, however in the girl. Of a sudden a stranger bears your picture within the woman like she had been a moving mirror - no, perhaps not a mirror, for the just drinks inside image once you provide your self willingly to it, whereas she, the girl, this complete stranger just who really loves you, she has soaked up you into the woman really bloodstream.”
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