Letter from an Unknown Women Stefan Zweig

September 9, 2022

(German: Brief einer Unbekannten) is a novella by Stefan Zweig. Published in 1922, it tells the storyline of an author whom, while reading a letter published by a woman he cannot keep in mind, gets glimpses into her life story.

A rich and popular journalist, going back home to Vienna from a single of many holiday breaks, discovers a lengthy letter from an unidentified girl. As a teenager she had resided with her poor widowed mama in identical building and had dropped totally deeply in love with both the opulent cultured lifestyle of the woman neighbour and the good looking charming guy himself. This passion wasn't lessened by the movement of appealing women spending the evening with him or by her being eliminated to Innsbruck whenever the woman mommy remarried. At age 18 she gone back to Vienna, took a job and attempted to meet the journalist. He couldn't recognise her and, without exposing her name, she succeeded in investing three nights with him before he disappeared on any occasion. Pregnant, she lost the woman job and had to offer delivery in a refuge for indigent. Fixed that their child needs to have a life, she spent evenings with or became mistress of numerous rich males but could not marry because the woman heart belonged constantly to your blogger. Out with a present fan, she saw the writer in per night club and moved house or apartment with him instead. To him, she was only an agreeable friend for the night, as he once again couldn't acknowledge the lady. When you look at the 1918 flu pandemic, the little one passed away and she, ill by herself, typed this letter become published after the woman demise.



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Klipd Letter from an Unknown Woman - If Only Letter Scene
Klipd Letter from an Unknown Woman - "If Only" Letter Scene
Letter from an Unknown
Letter from an Unknown
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