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September 22, 2022
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Automatic Kafka is a nine-issue comic guide limited series written by Joe Casey with art by Ashley Wood. It was published in 2002 by DC Comics' Wildstorm imprint.

The series observed the life span of Automatic Kafka, an android who was simply an associate of a mass-marketed superhero group labeled as the $tranger$ during the 1980s. Following the team breaks up, Kafka is lost, wanting a unique path in life. The comic follows Kafka while he tries different ways of becoming individual: medicines, intercourse and popularity one of them. The series also visits Kafka's former teammates who each have actually adjusted for their life post-$tranger$ in their own means.

The series starts with automated Kafka's first nanotecheroin journey. As Kafka ponders where his life went since the $tranger$ disbanded, The Warning is approached because of the nationwide Park Service who wish to use automated Kafka for clandestine missions. Kafka prevents becoming trapped into solution using the NPS by doing celebrity item endorsements and soon after hosting a lethal gameshow called The Million Dollar Detail.

After an issue targeting a part character, the series moves to your Constitution of united states of america, which leads a team of mercenaries in an assault on a forest camp. While he completes, a mysterious journey of armed forces airplanes bombs the camp with bursting babies. He then comes back towards the usa, where he embarks on a vocation as a porn celebrity.

At the same time, Kafka and Helen of Troy tend to be taking pleasure in a tryst whenever Warning summons all of them to a personal telephone call with a classic arch-enemy, Galaxia. Helen and Kafka both balk in the reunion, but eventually cozy toward experience. Soon after that, The Warning tips Galaxia and kills him to run a machine that manufactures the mysterious exploding infants.

As Kafka wrestles using the suicide note remaining by their drug-dealer/assistant, a phantom butterfly shows up to "rescue" him "from the possible tedium of some other so-called 'story arc'." The butterfly takes him to a comic shop, in which he fulfills Joe Casey and Ashley Wood. The writers reveal to Kafka that "You've been operating under various rules than many superheroes. You're part of an ongoing marketing and advertising test. Young ones aren't flocking to superheroes just like the always, so today we have superheroes for grownups." Because they do not like to share their creation along with other authors and musicians and artists, Casey and Wood erase Kafka because the last problem stops.


  • Automatic Kafka: "Morphing Mecha-Soldier", a nanotecheroin-addicted android capable of morphing his body into almost any form, frequently firearms. Formerly an associate of $tranger$, AK becomes a public celebrity to avoid, simply, needing to work with the clandestine supply associated with the National Park Service.
  • The Warning: a wealthy government specialist just who founded the $tranger$. He's nefarious connections towards nationwide Park provider and it is taking care of a key task involving exploding babies (the infant plot wasn't resolved ahead of the comic finished).
  • The Constitution associated with the US: "Patriotic Combat Legend, " an ultra-violent, hyper-sexual patriotic warrior with red, white, and blue tattoos and a gas mask. The Constitution seems to work for a covert part of the U.S. military.
  • Helen of Troy: "Feminine Powers of Mystery", a very sexualized girl whoever erotic charms are the woman superpower. Casey and Wood imply, in concern 9, that the woman abilities tend to be magical.
  • Saint Nick: "Brooding Anti-Hero." Usually the one member of the $tranger$ who was not featured in every dilemmas associated with the comic. Mentioned quickly only in dilemmas 2 and 9.
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