Metamorphosis Story

September 13, 2022
Metamorphosis Story: The

Metamorphosis – Your Stories

  • Provide your narrative a title that presents your journey – something will intrigue and encourage the reader.
  • Consider just a few transformative events:
  • Your narrative must be posted as a keyword document and stay between 750 -1000 words. Note: I retain the right to edit your content for spelling, grammar and/or format.
  • Your Bio must certanly be submitted as a term document and stay only 350 terms.
  • Forward jpegs photos people (for your bio), your book’s address, and just about every other images highly relevant to your story. I will figure out which pictures to utilize along with your narrative.
  • Add working backlinks to your website, guide, along with other appropriate internet sites. Keep in mind – this might be ways to promote yourself.
  • When you have a favorite estimate which highly relevant to your narrative, deliver it for me for consideration.
  • In the bottom of your narrative, please through the after : “I hereby give Laurel D. Rund authorization to write the content of this submitting, or any portion thereof, on the Essence of Laurel internet site, or perhaps in any republicationor reprint of any sort.” Date & title
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    metamorphosis, a love story
    metamorphosis, a love story
    Roopaantar – metamorphosis: a story for our time
    Roopaantar – metamorphosis: a story for our time
    Metamorphosis - A story of transformation TRAILER
    Metamorphosis - A story of transformation TRAILER
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