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August 19, 2022
Franz Kafka prize winning book

On Monday, 1 June 2015, at its meeting at the headquarters for the Franz Kafka community, the intercontinental expert jury selected the fifteenth laureate regarding the literary Franz Kafka Prize, specifically the Spanish copywriter Eduardo Mendoza Garriga (1943). Very respected and translated modern Spanish article authors is very honoured to-be granted the reward and will started to Prague in October to gather it personally.

The worldwide literary Franz Kafka reward has been granted by the Franz Kafka Society since 2001. Its laureates so far through the article authors Philip Roth, Ivan Klíma, Péter Nádas, Elfriede Jelinek, Harold Pinter, Haruki Murakami, Yves Bonnefoy, Arnošt Lustig, Peter Handke, Václav Havel, John Banville, Daniela Hodrová, Amos Oz and Yan Lianke.

The jury included Petr Demetz, André Derval, Marianne Gruber, Oldřich Král, Kurt Krolop, Lorenzo Silva, Jiří Stránský and Hans Dieter Zimmermann. At its meeting, the jury selected between ten remarkable figures of contemporary globe literature.

Eduardo Mendoza was born in Barcelona in 1943. He graduated in Law. In 1973–1982, he worked as an interpreter for us in nyc. In 1975, he published his first book Los Angeles verdad acerca de el caso Savolta (The Truth concerning the Savolta instance), in the words of an associate for the SFP jury ‘a masterful depiction of personal and governmental battles in Barcelona, Catalonia and all over Spain in the first 1 / 2 of the twentieth century.’ In Czech, it arrived as Pravda o případu Savolta when you look at the Odeon posting residence in 1983. Catalonia has actually remained a frequent scene of his thirteen various other books, of which only El asombroso viaje de Pomponio Flato (The Amazing Journey of Pomponius Flatus) happens to be posted in Czech (by Garamond in 2008; translated by Jana Novotná as Podivuhodná cesta Pomponia Flata). According to the jury, Mendoza is, for their masterful storytelling, human view associated with the events depicted and trenchant sense of humour, one of the masters of contemporary literary works in Spanish. On top of other things, he could be the laureate associated with European Book reward 2013.

Eduardo Mendoza will arrive in Prague after October to attend the standard ceremony when you look at the Brožík Hall of Old Town Hall, where the laureate will get the key representation of this award – a bronze statuette of Franz Kafka because of the sculptor Jaroslav Róna. The financial prize is $ 10, 000.

The companion of the Franz Kafka community in organising the Franz Kafka reward could be the Capital City of Prague; the award service frequently takes place underneath the patronage for the President associated with Senate associated with the Parliament of the Czech Republic plus the Lord Mayor associated with Capital City of Prague. The goal of this Franz Kafka Prize is always to honor artistically excellent literary production of a contemporary writer whoever work addresses readers aside from their origin, nationality and tradition, such as the work by Franz Kafka. The Prize is provided for the whole work thus far for the author.

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Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka Copyright © 2002 David
"Metamorphosis" by Franz Kafka Copyright © 2002 David ...
Montblanc Franz Kafka Limited Edition Set 0191 of 4500
Montblanc Franz Kafka Limited Edition Set 0191 of 4500
Amos Oz – the New Laureate of the Franz Kafka Prize
Amos Oz – the New Laureate of the Franz Kafka Prize
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