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August 15, 2022

Franz Kafka (fränts käf´kä), 1883–1924, German-language novelist, b. Prague. Along with Joyce, Kafka is perhaps probably the most important of 20th-century writers. From a middle-class Jewish family members from Bohemia, he invested almost all of his life in Prague. He studied legislation after which obtained an executive position when you look at the workmen's payment unit of Austro-Hungarian government. Nearly all of his works had been published posthumously. Their significant books consist of Der Prozess (1925, tr. The test, 1937, 1998), Das Schloss (1926, tr. The Castle, 1930, 1998), and Amerika (1927, tr. 1938), the latter the first book he wrote (1913) additionally the last to-be published. In prose which remarkable for the quality and accuracy, Kafka gift suggestions a global which at a time genuine and dreamlike as well as in which individuals strained with guilt, separation, and anxiety make a futile seek out individual salvation. Essential stories appearing during their life time had been "Das Urteil" (1913, tr. "The Judgement, " 1945), Die Verwandlung (1915, tr. The Metamorphosis, 1937), "Ein Landarzt" (1919, tr. "A Country physician, " 1945), In der Strafkolonie (1920, tr. When you look at the Penal Colony, 1941), and "Ein Hungerkünstler" (1922, tr. "A Hunger Musician, " 1938).

See his diaries, ed. by M. Brod (tr. 1948–49); their letters to Felice Bauer, ed. by E. Heller and J. delivered (tr. 1973); biographies by M. Brod (1937, brand-new ed. 1995), R. Hayman (1981, repr. 2001), E. Pawel (1984), N. Murray (2004), R. Stach (2 vol., 2002–8, tr. 2005–13), and S. Friedländer (2013); biography of his youthful years by E. Kendall (2013); studies done by W. H. Sokel (1966), E. Heller (1974), S. Corngold (1988), and M. Anderson (1990).

In front of the Franz Kafka Museum-PRAGUE, Czech 체코
In front of the Franz Kafka Museum-PRAGUE, Czech 체코 ...
Franz Kafka
Franz Kafka
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