Who is Franz Kafka?

August 15, 2022
Who is Franz Kafka?

just how Kafka and Brod Almost Became Millionaires

During a vacation that they took collectively in August and September of 1911, visiting Paris via Lugano and Milan, Kafka and maximum Brod hit from the notion of producing a form of vacation guide. “It would-be known as Billig (in the Cheap), ” Brod remembered. “Franz ended up being tireless and got a childlike enjoyment regarding elaborating all of the maxims down seriously to the nest information with this brand-new variety of guide, that has been expected to make us millionaires, and especially wrest united states away from our terrible company work. However engaged in a tremendously severe correspondence with editors about our ‘Reform of Guidebooks.’ The negotiations were unsuccessful because we didn’t wish to reveal our precious key without a massive advance.”

Indeed, a letter that Kafka typed to Brod practically annually later on shows that even after so many months, the two of them were still contemplating how to realize their particular program. After Brod had talked to Ernst Rowohlt about different publication jobs and reported to Kafka about his talks, Kafka complained: “you didn’t say any such thing about on Cheap.”

Kafka and Brod drafted these memorandum in Lugano, apparently in the early days of September. It is written on stationary through the resort Belvédère au Lac, in Brod’s hand:

Our Plan to Make Millions: In The Cheap

A business venture really worth hundreds of thousands.

From the inexpensive through Italy, On inexpensive through Switzerland, From the Cheap in Paris—On the inexpensive within the Bohemian Spas plus Prague

Source: www.theparisreview.org
Franz Kafka - Vater-Sohn Verhältnis
Franz Kafka - Vater-Sohn Verhältnis
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