October 25, 2022

– By Teresa Greenfeld –

Within my fantasy life, We lounge around my apartment using moving chiffon kaftans, hair in free, cascading waves. In fact, I very seldom have enough time to lounge, and my lounge use is comprised of structure tanks and leggings. Though come to consider it, my tresses is extremely frequently in loose waves. Just after investing an exorbitant timeframe setting it up in that way each morning. However, I adore kaftans.

Some may believe these brightly printed, lightweight garments resort wear just. But that’s just one option to wear them. They’re in addition spectacular – and the best – for night use (making certain to properly layer a nude slip dress under the more absolute kaftans, of course). To get more causal events, pair faster people with tights, sky high booties, and a blazer. In the event that you reside my dream life, and put them on “lounging at home”, I request you supply me together with your target. I will be making surprise visits.

1. Afroditi Hera Kaftan Dress

2. Camilla Sharman Cosmos Round Neck Kaftan

3. Kite & Butterfly Moss Fringed Silk Velvet Kaftan

4. Antonio Berardi Printed Kaftan Gown

5. Camilla Wrap Dress Kaftan

6. Camilla Sphinx Medusa Round Neck Kaftan

7. Emilio Pucci Gradient Kaftan Dress

8. Matthew Williamson Orange Waist Kaftan

9. Camilla Pentacle Zodiac Long Lace Up Kaftan

10. Mara Hoffman Wolfie Dashiki

11. Escada Nicolina Kaftan

12. Camilla Halo Bless Long Lace Up Kaftan

13. Diane Von Furstenberg Nannusha Kaftan

Feature picture of Olivia Palermo in Emilio Pucci due to Steven Gomillion and Dennis Leupold for Elle Mexico

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Pozytyw - Kaftan
Pozytyw - Kaftan
Kaftan Fes: Touch of Heaven 2012 (Antwerpen)
Kaftan Fes: Touch of Heaven 2012 (Antwerpen)
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