Max Brod Kafka

August 26, 2022

Max Brod ( Czech Jewish, later Israeli, author, composer, and journalist. Although he was a prolific journalist inside the very own right, he is most well-known whilst the friend and biographer of Franz Kafka. As Kafka's literary executor, Brod refused to adhere to the publisher's instructions to burn his life's work, and had all of them published as an alternative.


Max Brod was born in Prague, then area of the province of Bohemia in Austria-Hungary, now the administrative centre regarding the Czech Republic. At the age of four, Brod was identified as having a severe vertebral curvature and invested per year in corrective harness; regardless of this however be a hunchback his whole life. A German-speaking Jew, he went along to the Piarist college together with his lifelong buddy Felix Weltsch, later on attended the Stephans Gymnasium, after that learned legislation at the German Charles-Ferdinand University (which at the time was divided into a German language institution and a Czech language college; he attended the German one) and graduated in 1907 to work in the civil solution. From 1912, he was a pronounced Zionist (that he caused by the impact of Martin Buber) as soon as Czechoslovakia became separate in 1918, he quickly served as vice-president for the Jüdischer Nationalrat. From 1924, already a proven publisher, he worked as a critic the Prager Tagblatt.

In 1939, given that Nazis took over Prague, Brod and his spouse Elsa Taussig fled to Palestine. He decided in Tel Aviv, in which he proceeded to write and worked as a dramaturg for, later the Israeli nationwide theater, for three decades. For a period following the loss of his partner in 1942, Brod published very few works. He became really near to a few named Otto and Esther Hoffe, frequently taking getaways with the two and using Esther as a secretary for quite some time; it is assumed that their commitment had a romantic dimension. He'd later on pass stewardship of the Kafka materials in the possession to Esther in the might. He was additionally sustained by their close friend Felix Weltsch. Their relationship lasted 75 years, from elementary college of this Piarists in Prague to Weltsch's death in 1964. Brod died on December 20, 1968 in Tel Aviv.

Literary career[edit]

. Memorial Plaque in Leipzig. Kurt Wolff along with his writers

Unlike Kafka, Brod rapidly became a respected, successful posted publisher which ultimately posted 83 brands. Their first novel and fourth book general, Schloss Nornepygge (Nornepygge Castle), published in 1908 as he was just 24, was celebrated in Berlin literary sectors as a masterpiece of expressionism. This alongside works made Brod a well-known personality in German-language literature. In 1913, together with Weltsch, he published the work Anschauung und Begriff which made him more popular in Berlin and also in Leipzig, where their particular publisher Kurt Wolff worked.

He unselfishly promoted various other authors and performers. Among their protégés had been Franz Werfel, who he would later fall-out with as Werfel abandoned Judaism for Christianity. He'd in addition write at various times both for and against Karl Kraus, a convert from Judaism to Roman Catholicism. Their vital recommendation is essential to the interest in Jaroslav Hašek's, in which he played a crucial role when you look at the diffusion of Leoš Janáček's operas.

Friendship with Kafka[edit]

Brod first came across Kafka on October 23, 1902, when both had been students at Charles University. Brod had offered a lecture in the German pupils' hall on Arthur Schopenhauer. Kafka, a year older, addressed him following the lecture and accompanied him house. "He had a tendency to participate in all of the conferences, but to after that we had hardly considered both, " wrote Brod. The peaceful Kafka "would being... difficult to notice... also his elegant, typically dark-blue, fits were inconspicuous and set aside like him. At that time, but one thing seemingly have attracted him in my opinion, he had been much more available than normal, completing the limitless walk home by disagreeing strongly with my all also rough formulations."

After that, Brod and Kafka came across usually, often also daily, and remained good friends until Kafka's demise. Kafka had been a frequent guest in Brod's moms and dads' house. Here he came across their future gf and fiancée Felice Bauer, cousin of Brod's brother-in-law maximum Friedmann. After graduating, Brod struggled to obtain a period for post office. The relatively short working hours gave him time for you begin a profession as a skill critic and freelance journalist. For similar factors, Kafka took a job at an insurance company taking part in workmen's accident insurance. Brod, Kafka and Brod's friend Felix Weltsch constituted the so-called "Der enge Prager Kreis" or "near Prague group".

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Illusion - eine Kurzgeschichte von Max Brod
Illusion - eine Kurzgeschichte von Max Brod
Das Schloss Kafka/Fassung Max Brod/Regie:Holger Möller
"Das Schloss" Kafka/Fassung Max Brod/Regie:Holger Möller
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