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August 15, 2022
Austrian literature in

Austria’s share to contemporary German-language literature happens to be both wealthy and diverse, embracing significant novelists (Kafka, Musil), dramatists (Schnitzler, Bernhard), including poets (Rilke, Celan) of international repute.

The Ingeborg Bachmann Centre, founded on after that Institute of Germanic Studies in 2002 using assistance of Erste Bank, the Österreichische Nationalbank, the Austrian Cultural Forum, together with Österreich Kooperation, explores this share in the shape of its writers-in-residence programme and also by organising lectures, seminars, workshops and reading groups.

The results of a forward thinking as a type of cross-institutional collaboration, this interesting academic initiative focuses on 20th-century Austrian literature, focusing especially on improvements from 1945 onwards, and takes as the figurehead Ingeborg Bachmann, whoever poem ‘Abschied von England’ encapsulates the challenge presented by other countries in addition to troubles of understanding them.

Our events are open to any person interested.

We're indebted to the Austrian Cultural Forum in London and also the Bithell Bequest Fund (University of London) for his or her continued sponsorship.


Zwei Wochen England a volume of texts because of the IBC's Writers-in-Residence compiled to commemorate initial ten years of this Bachmann Centre. Edited by Heide Kunzelmann, with photographs by Valeska Hass, the volume is published by Sonderzahl Verlag.

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