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August 19, 2015
2x23- The Hunger Artist - CSI

This is certainly an accumulation of four quick tales, about three which concern overall performance art. These four may also be contained in some form of The Metamorphosis.

The Initial Sorrow

This tells of a trapeze artist so focused on their art, which he lives for and on their trapeze. Vacation is torturous because he's ahead straight down (though for longer journeys, he goes on train and is based on the expense baggage rack!).

Voyeurism frequently features tangentially in Kafka's works (and sometimes clearly), but that is no

Voyeurism usually features tangentially in Kafka's works (and quite often clearly), but that is perhaps not the trapeze singer's motivation. He's a pure artist, and ready to give up every thing for the, irrespective of any fame or endorsement.

Only A Little Woman

This appears to be the strange one out, as it doesn't feature an overall performance or any type of musician. Alternatively, its an evidently paranoid narration of a guy who is despised and therefore tormented by a lady just who "is a whole complete stranger to me". She actually is "repulsed" and "highly dissatisfied with me" into the degree that she cannot sleep and thus cannot work. He cannot know (or acknowledge?) the reason, but feels guilt, plus pity as a result of the presumption that others condemn him. He claims "the partnership between united states is entirely of the woman making and only exists from the woman point of view", but their effect indicates usually. He requires a friend for guidance and awaits her judgement.

The Fasting Musician

This is certainly presumably where David Blaine got their determination, but Kafka, naturally, is much more powerful and distressing.

Is he just a passionate performer, or does self-starvation serve some higher function, or mirror Kafka's own issues and difficulties with health insurance and eating? A lot of the internal turmoil sounds like somebody with an eating disorder: "i must fast, i cannot make it" and "i possibly could never get the nourishment I liked".

Their biggest frustration is individuals assuming he cheats somehow. He's truly the only one who is 100% particular associated with truth, and yet he could be dissatisfied with himself because fasting is "the easiest part of the planet".

He's never ever permitted to fast for over 40 days since the community weary, however you must be mindful everything desire. Fasting as a spectacle goes out of fashion; he could be no longer the big draw he once was, in which he ends up in a circus, alongside the greater interesting pet.

Josefine the Songstress or The Mouse Men And Women

Certainly one of Kafka's animal tales, though independent of the subtitle, you'd barely know it. It's also (probably) my the very least favourite, though i cannot rather state the reason why.

An unnamed narrator talks about Josfine: "the good thing about the woman track is in a way that even dullest ear cannot withstand it" and goes on to ponder if it is truly art, or merely an extension associated with natural habit of "pipe" (we think "squeak" will be a significantly better interpretation).

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