Death in German language

July 29, 2023
David Bowie dead: Germany

There are inexpensive language programs on stores in Germany, but they aren't all good. At our school we private clases. 60 min costs 20 Eur and 45 min 15 Eur. If you are interested, i could reserve it for your needs.
Hey. You're online! Air pollution ensures that the air is filthy hence it is challenging breathe. I'm getting better at German, therefore please correct myself whenever I have always been incorrect in my own language. You are English is obviously great.
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Sample phrases:
Once humanitarian help arrived countless young ones had already starved to death.

Als endlich humanitäre Hilfe eintraf waren viele Kinder bereits verhungert.
The five men defended the outpost into death. Die fünf Männer verteidigten den Außenposten bis in den Tod.
The shaman saw death in Moha's eyes, which shocked him. Der Schamane sah Tod in Mohas Augen, was ihn schockierte.
death; company; cigarette(1) tot; firma; cigarre
demise; company; zigarrete
natural death natürlicher Tod
demise sentence die Todesurteile, age
to starve to demise verhungern
death; Tod
to stone to demise steinigen
demise; (muerte) der Tod
Black Death Pest
Berlin Wall Documentary - The German Death Strip - History
Berlin Wall Documentary - The German Death Strip - History ...
kreator-total death,live in germany 86
kreator-total death,live in germany 86
The Language In Nazi Germany
The Language In Nazi Germany
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