Chess Story Stefan Zweig

August 17, 2022
Berlin actors in the play

The Royal Game (or Chess tale; Schachnovelle in initial German) is a novella by Austrian writer Stefan Zweig very first published in 1941, right before mcdougal's death by committing suicide. In certain editions, the subject can be used for a group that also includes "Amok", "Burning Secret", "Fear", and "Letter From an Unknown lady".

Plot summary[edit]

Driven to psychological anguish as the result of total isolation because of the National Socialists, Dr B, a monarchist concealing important assets regarding the nobility from the brand new regime, maintains his sanity only through theft of a book of previous masters' chess games which he plays constantly, voraciously mastering every one until they overwhelm his imagination to such a level he becomes eaten by chess.

After taking in each and every move of every variation within the guide, and achieving nothing even more to explore, Dr B begins to have fun with the game against himself, establishing the ability to separate his psyche into two personas: we (White) and I (Black). This psychological conflict triggers him to eventually endure a dysfunction, and he ultimately awakens in a sanatorium. Becoming conserved by a sympathetic physician, who attests his insanity maintain him from becoming imprisoned once more by the Nazis, he could be eventually set no-cost.

After taking place becoming for a passing fancy cruise lining as a small grouping of chess lovers additionally the globe chess winner Czentovic, he incidentally stumbles across their particular online game contrary to the winner. Mirko Czentovic had been a peasant prodigy having no obvious redeeming qualities besides their gift for chess. Dr B helps the chess lovers in handling to-draw their particular online game in an almost hopeless position. Following this effort, they persuade him to relax and play alone against Czentovic. In a stunning demonstration of their imaginative and combinational powers, Dr B sensationally beats society champ.

Czentovic immediately needs a return online game to displace their honour. But this time around, having sensed that Dr B played very fast and barely took time for you to believe, he attempts to irritate his opponent by firmly taking lots of time prior to making a move, thus placing psychological pressure on Dr B, just who gets more and more impatient because the game profits. Their biggest power actually is their best weakness: he re-enacts the match in his mind over and over along with imaginable options so rapidly that Czentovic's deliberation and placidness drive him to distraction and ultimately insanity, culminating in an incorrect move after which it Dr B awakens from their frenzy.

Historical background[edit]

Following occupation and annexation of Austria by Nazi Germany, the united states's monarchists (i.e. followers of Otto von Habsburg because the rightful Emperor-King while the rule of the House of Habsburg), conservatives and supporters of Engelbert Dollfuss' Austrofascist regime, were severely persecuted by the Nazis, because they had been regarded as opponents for the Nazi regime. Countless monarchists were performed or sent to focus camps, and also the pretender on throne, Otto von Habsburg, fled into united states of america, being sentenced to death because of the Nazis.


This novella was the motivation for the 1960 Gerd Oswald film, originally titled Die Schachnovelle, as well as for the 1980 Czechoslovakian movie Královská hra (The Royal Game).

An opera based on the novel premiered on, as well as the libretto by Wolfgang Haendeler.

The storyline ended up being the cornerstone of this manufacturing "64 Squares" from the Rhum and Clay Theatre business provided in the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in August 2015. In this production the type "B" is played by three stars, both individually and together, assisted by a percussionist.

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Download The Collected Novellas of Stefan Zweig: Burning ...
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