August 19, 2022

Stirixis recently created the brand-new retail idea for Kafkas, the best Greek sequence of electrical equipment and energy solutions, with 46 stores and a turnover of almost 90 million Euros in 2013. A multidimensional project that lasted almost a year, with the initial stage of determining and recording the brand strategy, upon which Stirixis based these decisions with regards to design associated with the functions, the shop idea, customer service and buyer experience. The strategic course of Kafkas being the top specialist in built-in technology solutions, set the key design axes the proper item company, enhanced functionality, incorporation of large technology and tailored solution. This new retail concept offers an original experience to site visitors, while its biggest development is the brand new customer circulation model and businesses associated with stores that aim at a smooth and fast customer care. The thus far existing service workbench is eliminated together with space for storage is currently available, producing a superb available and totally handy store.

In a technologically advanced level room, consumers aided by the help of Kafkas well-trained workers can discover all services and products and their functions additionally through tablets products and electronic screens put into shops. Aside from the shop design itself, Stirixis group delivered the latest graphic identity and signage research that produces a holistic experience, strengthens the brand within the stores and maximizes sales. As Kafkas is a healthy business, with constant system development, another essential factor of the design was to produce a flexible, recurring and adaptable design that would be quickly used various other shops. Up to now, already six limbs around Greece follow the brand new concept, and it will be further rolled call at both present and new stores!

Antonis Zontos, CEO of Kafkas, reported the collaboration with Stirixis: “Having made a decision to proceed using the brand-new idea 2020 for the shops, we understood that it is a challenging task once we set-to make a radical change in the shop knowledge and enhance the industry criteria to an amount that will solidify our leading position when you look at the years into the future. The end result fully warranted our choice of Stirixis. The latest idea, as developed and implemented, produces a broad image of modernity, technology and innovation whereas along with rule conveys a light and friendly ambience in which clients enjoy a unique shopping knowledge. Inside procedure Stirixis rapidly found grips with your strategic and functional priorities and factors and went on to present united states with fresh a few ideas and solutions. They worked efficiently and effectively with our individuals produce something that we all have been proud to sign.”

Alexander Athanassoulas, CEO of Stirixis Group, stated: “The new Kafkas shop concept could be the result of a fantastic collaboration involving the two businesses. Furthermore the consequence of a mix of typical strategic reasoning, the systemic and holistic strategy of Stirixis, additionally the professional and innovative philosophy of Kafkas management team. It's our great satisfaction that another retail leader belongs right now to our consumer culture and I also thank dozens of whom worked difficult because of this project.”

Design: Stirixis Group
Photographer: Konstantinos Kontos

Couple of words about Stirixis
Stirixis Group is an awarded international company that develops business ideas, designs and provides retail, leisure and business spaces. Its profile of services includes method, design, project administration and intercontinental development of concepts, which is made to completely support managers and organizations, from the initial idea to its execution. Predicated on its systemic approach, Stirixis completes each step of the process respecting the budget and time constraints of each task. Since 1996 the Group features completed for the customers above 500 tasks in 22 countries, and today it offers workplaces in London, Athens and Bucharest.
Stirixis Exclusive is the company product of Stirixis Group that designs and delivers bespoke personal areas, including villas, flats and holiday homes. For more information visit

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Kafkas - Deine Lippen schweigen (Offizielles Video
Kafkas - Deine Lippen schweigen (Offizielles Video
Kafkas Müziği
Kafkas Müziği
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