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August 30, 2022

Introducing Kafka, also referred to as R. Crumb's Kafka, is an illustrated biography of Franz Kafka by David Zane Mairowitz and Robert Crumb. The guide includes comic adaptations of a few of Kafka's most well-known works including, "A Hunger Artist", "In the Penal Colony", and "The Judgment", plus brief sketches of his three books, , and . The book additionally details Kafka's biography in a format which component illustrated article, component sequential comic panels. The guide was released within the "Introducing..." sets by Totem Books; the popularity of Crumb's renditions of Kafka's works led to additional printings under the subject R. Crumb's Kafka, and its particular most recent edition by Fantagraphics Books (2007) is merely named Kafka.


The book targets the biographical information on Kafka's life, interspersed with illustrated vignettes from their writing. The author relates Kafka's personality and various situations inside the life on structure of their tales. As an example, Kafka's difficult commitment together with household is related to stories where main personality is an animal – particularly The Metamorphosis whose protagonist, Gregor Samsa, awakens locate himself changed into a huge bug, and becomes a weight on his household.


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The transformation, Franz Kafka
The transformation, Franz Kafka
Transformation : Kafka - filmisch gelesen, ein Projekt der
Transformation : Kafka - filmisch gelesen, ein Projekt der ...
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