Kafka transformation

March 27, 2017
Teaching notes
“He had constantly believed that their dad was not capable conserve anything through the company, at least his dad had never informed him anything to the contrary, and Gregor, for his part, had never asked him any questions. In those days Gregor's sole concern was in fact to-do everything in his power to result in the family members forget as soon as possible the business catastrophe which had plunged everybody else into a situation of total despair. Therefore he'd started to assist special ardor and had risen almost instantaneously from stock clerk to taking a trip salesperson, which naturally had exposed different money-making options, and in no time their successes face to face had been changed, in the shape of commissions, into income that might be plunked down on the dining table in the home facing their astonished and happy family. Those had been the wonderful times, plus they had never ever returned, at least not with the exact same glory, although later on Gregor earned adequate money to meet up the expenses of this whole household and actually performed therefore. That they had simply gotten used to it, your family along with Gregor, the funds was obtained with thanks and provided with enjoyment, but no unique sense of warmth went along with it anymore. ”
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The transformation, Franz Kafka
The transformation, Franz Kafka
Transformation : Kafka - filmisch gelesen, ein Projekt der
Transformation : Kafka - filmisch gelesen, ein Projekt der ...
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