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July 30, 2016
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George Kafka thinks the nation environment of Hazel Crest assists him sculpt. The people are friendly. They appreciate their work. The Grande Prairie Library has shown their metal sculptures because it started in 1982.

Their home is easily familiar on the tree-lined 2800 block of Lexington Avenue. A cube metallic sculpture rests on forward yard. City children often climb up in the spiral cubes. But Kafka along with his partner discourage it. Their pieces are not built for climbing. 1 of 2 men just who rode on finishes of their 6-foot-by-6-foot sculpture exhibited within Blue Island library dropped and bumped his head. Consequently, the sculpture had been taken off the collection. Now Kafka claims he`s planning to build a sculpture for children to climb up.

Resigned for 2 1/2 years from their task as a welder using experimental practices at Argonne National Laboratories, Kafka now features time and energy to develop his art. It`s perhaps not strange for him to produce 200 pieces annually from their storage workshop. He sculpts in stainless steel, aluminum, copper and brass, unique metals as differentiated from the valuable metals-silver, gold and platinum.

Kafka, 63, does not have any formal art instruction. The earliest of five children, he went to work to help their household after their daddy died. He never ever finished high school. He started welding in 1938 when he was an associate of the civil Conservation Corps. He built ornamental railings and mailbox holders. After World War II, he was trained as a welder at U.S. Steel Co. Inside the spare

time, he made metal miniature pets. He learned heliarc welding as a member of staff for Ford Aircraft; he worked at Argonne for 25 many years.

For his art, he learned to sculpt in titanium, nickel, bronze and hard surfacing gold.

``I`d go homeward from work and sculpt, `` Kafka says. ``What I learned at the job helped within my art. The thing I learned from my art aided me working.``

In 1962, he began attempting to sell their work on the Golf Mill mall therefore the Gold Coast Art shows. He won beginning in sculpting within Burton spot Art Show at Oakbrook shopping center. He used to show at as many as 20 programs in a season. Today, since he`s be more well-known, he shows in three juried shows a year: the Gold Coast, the Park Forest and also the Northern Indiana Art Association tv show in Munster. His works cost from $35 to $13, 000. Organizations including Borg-Warner Corp., Zenith Broadcast Corp., Rockwell

Global and Acme Die Casting Co. have collected his works.

His preferred piece is a design of cubes he did the Sales and Rental Gallery at Art Institute for its 25th anniversary in 1977. Each one of the cubes, which resemble mother-of-pearl, rise in dimensions whilst the sculpture spirals upwards. Each one signifies a-year of development when it comes to gallery. This piece is now presented on first-floor associated with the Grande Prairie website, 3479 W. 183rd St., Hazel Crest.

Galleries often have expected Kafka to your workplace in a particular style. He refuses because he thinks he must be free to produce just what he desires. Kafka says he can be prompted by anything from a garbage dump to cloud formations to falls of oil in liquid. Dilemmas have influenced lots of his works.

When he heard the definition of ``population explosion, `` he says, ``I pictured individuals becoming blown from the world. Therefore I took a stainless steel ball and made it appear to be the planet. I quickly place stainless-steel rods through baseball, coming

out of it. In addition to the rods, we place men and women in various jobs made of copper, bronze alongside products representing the events. One rod, on the top associated with the baseball, had someone representing the human race. I believe everyone will evolve into one race in 2, 000 many years.``

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