Sentence using Metamorphosis

November 14, 2020
Use them in a sentence

An observable change

Utilize Metamorphosis in a sentence

When Chet started working out regularly, he experienced an enormous actual metamorphosis.

The latest siding offered the residence a metamorphosis that changed it into a brand new dwelling.

In this certain metamorphosis, the caterpillar becomes a butterfly.

The metamorphosis features created numerous visible changes.

Once my daughter joined her teen many years, she experienced a metamorphosis that produced a big breast development.

Inside film, the guy had a metamorphosis that turned him into a fly.

After the metamorphosis, the two-lane highway becomes a four-lane highway.

It absolutely was amazing to look at the young man’s metamorphosis as he changed from a thin young man into a large football player.

From birth to death, the body passes through numerous stages of metamorphosis.

In a current research lab, we observed the tadpole’s metamorphosis into a frog.

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Illusion - eine Kurzgeschichte von Max Brod
Illusion - eine Kurzgeschichte von Max Brod
"Das Schloss" Kafka/Fassung Max Brod/Regie:Holger Möller
"Das Schloss" Kafka/Fassung Max Brod/Regie:Holger Möller
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