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April 23, 2021
Austrian authors Elfriede

Members of the Austrian educational Library Consortium plus the Austrian Science Fund established an agreement with Springer which include usage of above 2, 000 of Springer’s subscription journals in addition to permitting authors to create available accessibility in subscription journals.

The Open Access agreement covers the available access fee for affiliated matching authors in those subscription-based journals which are providing the hybrid available access choice Open Selection.

Which institutes and Springer journals tend to be included in the OA arrangement?

Just click here for a list of all Austrian institutes covered by the Open Access agreement.
Click for a summary of Open Choice suitable subscription-based journals covered by the Open Access agreement with KEMÖ.

How can I (being the corresponding writer) identify myself as affiliated with a participating Austrian institute?

As soon as your article is acknowledged, Springer will send you a link towards MyPublication kind. There you are expected to convey your association. Then you will be expected to accept the available accessibility terms. Throughout the manufacturing procedure, Springer plus organization will confirm your qualifications. Whenever publishing your article under this arrangement, please make sure your institute is shown in the PDF. Please be aware that color in print charges aren't included in this agreement.

Since the corresponding writer, you might be advised to use your institutional current email address in the place of your private current email address. This enables Springer to higher determine you as eligible under this contract.

The matching writer is understood to be:

the person who manages the manuscript and correspondence during book procedure – from manuscript correction and evidence reading, to handling the revisions and re-submission of revised manuscripts around the acceptance for the manuscripts. The writer gets the expert to do something on the behalf of all co-authors throughout matters with respect to book of the manuscript including additional material. The matching author is in charge of acquiring these types of agreements and informing the co-authors of manuscript’s condition for the distribution, review, and publication process. Furthermore, the corresponding author additionally will act as the point of contact regarding enquiries following the paper is posted.

Which article kinds are covered by the Open Access contract with people in the Austrian educational Library Consortium?

  • OriginalPaper – Standard article, typically presenting brand-new results; articles posted under this informative article type can also be known as First Research, Original Article, Original Paper or Research Paper
  • ReviewPaper – Standard article, interpreting formerly posted outcomes.
  • BriefCommunication – Short article presented for quick book that exhibits equivalent framework as a regular article.
  • ContinuingEducation – Article creating essential section of further training (usually medical).
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